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Various Types of Massage Therapy Found in Folsom and Their Benefits

There are three basic types of massage services available in the different massage parlours in Folsom. They include: 


It is beneficial in the sense that it enhances the lymph and blood flow thereby relaxing superficial muscles.

Deep Tissue

This type of massage concentrates on the connective tissues, thereby making changes in the posture and movement of an individual.

Let's discuss at length about these two types of massage and their therapeutic benefits.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage involves a set of massage motions which include sliding movements, kneading movements, rubbing, vibration and rubbing. It also comprises of active and passive joint movements, flexing of joints and stretching with the help of the massage therapist. To ensure the information that you have read about the stress relief massage in folsom is very important, follow the link.

Deep Tissue

This massage concentrates on stretching the fascia, that is, all the connective tissues surrounding the bones, muscles, organs and nerves. Deep tissue massage goes through layer by layer of the connective tissue and muscles to alter posture and enhance smooth movement. Therapists carrying out this type of massage use their elbows, forearms, fingers, fists and thumbs to stretch each muscle.

Importance of Both Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage to Your Body

Swedish massage boosts the flow of blood and lymph, which in turn results in cleansing and nourishing the skin and soft muscle tissues. It also relaxes and stretches the superficial muscles that have peristalsis.

Deep tissue, on the other hand, restores the micro tears of muscles in your body that fill with elastin and collagen, within three days. It also involves a wide range of motion and supple. The customer should be willing to extend his massage sessions to develop muscle recurrence and contracture. Get attached to us now and learn some lesson about the  couples massage.


By having Swedish massage, you will be able to improve your blood flow, have a good night sleep, have good moods, relief of pain and a sharp mind. 

Deep tissue massage helps people who have long term muscular pain to develop a range of posture movements. It also helps athletes in getting their muscles in shape by changing their muscle and tissue motions. 

Swedish massage is also more relaxing and therapeutic to the patients. At a massage parlour, the therapists usually massage customers by stretching muscle layers without causing damage to their muscle tissues.  Learn more about massage

The Major spas' in Folsom provide various massage therapy to their clients. Some of the other services you can find from these massage spas' in Folsom include body massage, Swedish massage, Thai Massage, Shiatsu Massage etc.